My first writing contest other than NaNoWriMo!

Just delicious. I might be hooked.



I love these contests. It really takes me out of my comfort zone!

Thank you!

I love it. As a new writer, I find it a great way to improve my craft. I appreciate the limited time because it forces me to think creatively and to dig deeper for plot and characters without constant rethinking. It’s fun. Can’t think of anything that needs tinkering with!

Oklahoma City

It’s somewhat challenging, but I like that. I take breaks to figure out what’s going to happen next. This is a lot of fun and I’m glad I stumbled across your website a few months ago.


Once again, I loved every second of the challenge. Thanks for making it happen.


Greetings, Angela.

I hope you are doing very well. I wanted to take a minute to give feedback on the 24 Hour Short Story contest. Though there are many contests out there and hopefully most are legit, there is one thing that stands out about Writer’s Weekly contest. That one thing being consistency. Other than the topic and the word count, which obviously must change, the rules are simple and straight forward. Additionally, writers are awarded prizes timely and reasonably. Not all contests are so, and this is why I look forward to each challenge.

That’s my two cents worth,

Have a great week.


Thanks for this very fun adventure.

Thank you for running the contest. It is always a challenge, always fun and somehow always satisfying to finally hit send.

Kind regards,


A publishing contract (as first prize + $300 cash)? OH BOY!

Chaleen Duggan, 1st place winner of the Spring, 2019 contest!

Even when I don’t win anything I love this contest. It’s such a challenge and such fun. Keep it going.

Elizabeth W.

Hi Angela,

I didn’t place this time, but I was a finalist in your summer contest, and the story I wrote for the summer contest (“Las Traidoras”) just got published in The Sirens Call! 🙂 Just wanted to let you know!

Alexandra Otto